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The TNE-1501LW is a very special large format embroidery machine with an increased width and length capability that is extremely useful when embroidering up to 700 mm x 1200 mm.    The TNE-1501LW is used in a wide range of applications including large flags, store awnings, dresses, sports jerseys, tablecloths, curtains, bedding and any extremely large projects without having to change the hooping position multiple times.   The TNE-1501LW comes with these great features:

  • Auto thread trimmer, auto color change


  • Max speed 1000RPM


  • Memory size: 20,000,000 stitches, 200 designs


  • LCD display showing real time stitching.


  • Full screen pre-view design function support


  • Auto start and color change, up to 200 times color change per design


  • Machine max power consumption: 150W


  • Automatic external thread winding device.


  • 13 languages built in

Titan TNE-1501LW Single Head Embroidery Machine

SKU: 699469