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The Titan TN-877 series have quickly taken the sewing industry by storm.  This medium-heavy duty flat bed lockstitch sewing machines has shown why Titan offers customers and sewers some amazing features for the investment.  This single needle flat-bed, high speed, compound feed (walking foot with needle feeding), built in touch panel, 3 times extra large rotary hook (32 mm diameter), automatic thread trimmer, automatic foot lift and automatic back tacking and LED needle lighting are just some of the key features of this new style walking foot machine.


The TN-877 series can come in a single needle or double needle version and with its new modern design with the large working space under the arm, it allows the operator an abundance of workspace and clear view of the sewing area.  The use of the Titan direct drive motor built into the head directly offers more power and less vibration than other belt driven machines on the market. 


The TN-877 can be equipped with a 2-pitch stitch length dial that allows the operator to be able to sew different sewing lengths since the sewing length can be instantaneously changed over.  The climbing device with the single dial (dual dial as the option) helps to assure the machine stitches the multi-layers material stable and consistently while the option of the L version machine offers a 12 mm long stitch length for the heavy-duty material.  An optional synchronized rear puller and 26 mm diameter hook are also available.  Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty materials, such as automobile upholstery, furniture, plastic products etc.


SKU: 522231