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The TN-1510L-14D-7 is the latest in the growing line of semi long arm machines developed by Titan Sewing Machines.  It has been expanded from the very popular TN-1508 series of machine and comes with all the basic features of these machines.  The large vertical axis hook can handle threads up to Tex 210, all while utilizing the rectangular feed made popular with the TN-1508NH machines.   It comes complete with a fully automatic lubrication system that helps to alleviate maintenance concerns with most other machines.  

  Another great feature is the climbing device.  This feature is quote common in the Titan line up and allows the operator to adjust the pressure foot alternation height while they sew.   This means when you are sewing and come up to a heavier seam, the machine can be adjusted by the speed dial to help climb up and over the seams without any hesitation or getting stuck climbing on or off the seams.  You can see this feature here:

  The TN-1510L-14D-7 is a fully functional direct drive model with undertrimmer which means the machine has the motor built directly into the head unit.   This will eliminate loss of power and vibration that comes with a traditional belt driven machine.   The undertrimmer features allow the operator to cut the thread at the end of their work while also automatically reversing to lock the stitch at the beginning and end of the stitching. 

  Features include programable pattern sewing, auto foot lifter, dual tension unit, rectangular feed mechanism, climbing device, quick trigger reverse, high speed bobbin winder built into the machine and many more.


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