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Dropfeed Machines

The term "dropfeed" comes from the action of the feed dogs in the sewing machine that "drop" out of the way when the needle comes down.  This orbital action is used most commonly on household style machines, most garment style machines and a lot of other machines like overlock machines (serger) and Interlock machines (coverhem). 

While this is the most common style of machine, it works well on light and medium weight materials.

  • Pros:

    • Inexpensive and common to produce

    • Minimal parts to the feed mechanism

    • Works well for most garment weight materials.

  • Cons: 

    • Multiple layers of materials can cause uneven feeding

    • Not commonly used for heavy weight materials

    • Not appropriate for leather work or upholstery


The motion of the dropfeed mechanism

Titan Dropfeed machines
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