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The TN-901-20 traditional stationery knife leather splitting machine is very good for leveling and splitting vegetable tanned leathers, which width can up to 20". It can level (even out) various high spots in leathers or split it into a thinner piece from 15/16oz to 4oz, which makes it easy for a leather smith to keep a smaller inventory of leathers around the shop, and take a full use of the leathers, even it helps use your wasted leathers from the previous case to split to the lighter and thinner, which helps the shop to make more profits. The machine is completely adjustable of the required weight or thickness of the leathers, and it can be driven by hand or reversible electronic servo motor. One good simple and amazing heavy duty tool and machines for levelling and splitting vegetable tanned leathers.

TN-901-20 Leather Splitter

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