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Welcome to a new world of Embroidery.


Titan Sewing is proud to come out with a state of the art 15 color single head embroidery machine suitable for flat, tubular and cap embroidery all in one machine.

The TNE-1501 is equipped with a 10-inch full color touch screen that displays real time stitching as the machine is in operation.  With built in lettering options, operators can edit designs and create your own simple custom designs and store them into the 2,000,000-stitch memory. 

With a maximum speed of 1200 SPM (stitches per minute), any operator can expect to produce quality works of art with reduced downtime. 

Every Titan TNE-1501 comes with the following accessories:


  • Cap driver 1 set with 2 cap frames and a cap hooping station
  • Finished garments fame 2 sets (9cm,12cm,15cm,19cm,30*30cm)
  • Aluminium sash frame with flat table 1set
  • 58cm×36cm frame 1pcs
  • Steel stand with wheels
  • Auto bobbin winding machine 1 set
  • Tool box 1 set

Titan TNE-1501 Single Head Embroidery Machine

SKU: TNE-1501
    • Suitable for flat, cap and finished garments embroidery
    • Auto thread trimmer, auto color change (up to 200 changes per design)
    • Adjustable take up spring to help accommodate sewing on different materials
    • 270° wide cap frame Included
    • Max speed 1200RPM.
    • Memory size: 2,000,0000stithes (200 designs).
    • Multiple languages supported, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese
    • LCD display showing real time stitching
    • Full screen pre-view design function support
    • Auto input voltage AC80-260V
    • DC36 safe voltage output
    • Machine max power consumption: 150W
    • Devices could be matched (Cording, Sequins, Beads, Rhinestone)



    Model Number

    TNE-1501 (350*500mm)

    Embroidery area


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    10inch touch screen

    Main motor

    Servo motor

    X.Y Motor

    Stepping motor

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