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The Titan TN791D is a mechanical direct drive, lockstitch, buttonhole sewing machine designed to sew button holes on men's and women's dress shirts, blouses, work wear most any garments. 


The buttonhole width can be changed between 2.5mm to 5mm.

The buttonhole length can be changed between 6.4mm and 31.8mm (requires special optional foot)


Automatic thread trimmer and thread wiper are also included as standard. 


Overall, this machine provides you a very smooth and quiet operation with perfect and beautiful stitches in each button hole sewn.

TN-791D Buttonhole machine

SKU: TN-791D
    • MAX SEWING SPEED:  3,000 SPM
    • BUTTONHOLE LENGTH:  6.4~31.8mm
    • MAX BUTTONHOLE WIDTH:  2.5~5.0mm
    • FOOT LIFT:  12mm
    • NEEDLE:  DPx5