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Welcome to the new age of sewing, the TN-8700D.


This new direct-drive drop feed sewing machine is a very impressive new sewing machine with a number of great features. The TN-8700D is equipped with a 550W (3/4HP) built-in direct drive motor that delivers maximum power to the needle at all times. With a maximum speed of 5000 SPM, the TN-8700D can help produce at maximum efficiency whether at a home based business or fully operation factory. The oil bath allows the machine to run fully lubricated with little to no user maintenance.


The TN-8700D is equipped with the following features:


  • Needle up/down stop
  • Integrated Speed control
  • LED light ring around the needle bar to illuminate the sewing area
  • MAX stitch length of 7MM (one of the longest in the industry for this type of machines)
  • For sewing light to medium weight materials such as cottons, silks, wovens and denim.
  • Quick needle up/down button located within inches of the needle and fabric


TN-8700D drop-feed sewing machine

SKU: TN-8700D
    • APPLICATION:  For Light to Medium Weight Materials
    • MAX SEWING SPEED:  5,000 SPM
    • MAX STITCH LENGTH:  7mm Forward/Reverse
    • FOOT LIFT:  10mm
    • NEEDLE:  DBx1 #10 to #18
    • THREAD:  Spun poly Tex 27, Nylon up to Tex 70
    • LUBRICATION:  Automatic Lubrication with Oil Pan
    • Fully lamintated plywood top with rubber trim
    • Direct drive motor built in
    • Titan Sewing Deluxe 2.0 T stand with wheels and anchors
    • Drawer with accessories (oil, bobbins, tools, needles, instruction/parts manual)
    • LED light (TN-30)
    • Full tech support (Phone/email/video call)