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The TN-9000C is the latest in fully automatic direct drive technology. The TN-9000C is equipped with a fully integrated touch screen that allows the operator to control almost every function. With automatic thread trimming, auto presser foot lifter, and automatic stitching that allows the operator to produce at the highest efficiency, the TN-9000C automates repetitive actions like back-tacking at the beginning and end of the stitch, cutting the threads and needle positioning.


The machine features:

  • Built-in LED lights around the needle
  • Quick reverse located right close to the stitch area allows the operator to have close control
  • Fully functional stitch programming allows for quick programing of things like box sewing, auto tacking mode and chaining mode that allows maximum functionality
  • Auto thread trimming
  • Auto knee lifter
  • Thread holding magnet allows for perfect cutting all the time
  • Max stitch length of 7mm forward and reverse
  • Fully automatic oiling means almost zero maintenance thru the machines life
  • Bobbin winder built into the top of the machine in close proximity to the operator
  • 750W direct drive motor ensures the utmost efficiency and power directly to the needle


TN-9000C Automatic Dropfeed

    • Fully lamintated plywood top with rubber trim
    • Titan Sewing Deluxe 2.0 T stand with wheels and anchors
    • Drawer with accessories (oil, bobbins, tools, needles, instruction/parts manual)
    • LED light (TN-30)
    • Full tech support (Phone/email/video call)
    • APPLICATION:  For Light to Medium Weight Materials
    • MAX SEWING SPEED:  5,000 SPM
    • MAX STITCH LENGTH:  7mm Forward/Reverse
    • MANUAL FOOT LIFT: 5.5mm
    • NEEDLE:  DBx1 #10 to #18
    • THREAD:  Spun poly Tex 27, Nylon up to Tex 70
    • LUBRICATION:  Automatic Lubrication with Oil Pan