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Walking foot Machines

The "walking foot" machine is often a term we use for machines that are equipped with a top, bottom and needle feed motion.  A walking foot machine can also be used on machines that do not have needle feed actions and so it's often very commonly intercommunicated.  Machines equipped with a top walking foot, bottom feed and needle feed action are also called "unison feed" or "compound walking foot"

Walking foot machines are most commonly used on heavier materials because of the positive feeding action of the unison feeding

  • Pros:

    • Very strong feeding mechanism

    • Capable of walking across seams with easy

    • Useful for leather work, upholstery and heavier materials

  • Cons: 

    • Not appropriate for lightweight material

    • More expensive machines because of the extra parts and mechanics of the machine


The motion of the walking foot mechanism

Titan walking foot machines
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