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The TN-436 is unlike any other programmable machine on the market.  With a field size of 60mm X 60mm and on board programming, the TN-436 is extrememly flexable for a wide variety of needs.  The TN-436 has a maximum speed of 3000SPM thru its direct drive 750W motor.  The large shuttle handles a wide variety of threads, the electronicly controlled presser foot control can help thru multiple thicknesses.  The stitch resolution of 0.1mm ensures the needle enters exactly where you tell it to. The built in LED lights help to iluminate the sewing area to make sure you work is perfect everytime.  


The machine is equipped with an intuitive, touch-screen, full color 7" LCD control panel. In this panel you can create your own patterns, save them, modify them, recall them and perform many functions such as speed control, pattern run combos, machine adjustments, etc.

TN-436 Programmable Tacker

  • Control System Model: CP-520, with onboard programming
    Sewing Area:                60 mm x 60 mm
    Max. Sewing Speed:   3000 spm (when sewing stitch-length 3mm or less)
    Stitch Length:                 0.1-12.5 mm
    Needle bar Stroke:        41.2 mm
    Needle System:             DPx5, sizes 90-140
    Lift of Feeding Frame:   17 mm
    Jump foot Stroke:           Standard 0-3.5 mm (Max 0-7.0 mm)
    Memory of Patter Data: USB drive
    Power:                            500 W direct drive servo motor
    Power Supply:              AC 110V / 220-240V single phase