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The Titan TN-33, also known as Hercules, is a zig-zag and straight stitch portable walking foot machine which is perfectly designed for boat owners, hobbyists, and small businesses.  The Hercules is great for light to medium leather sewing, upholstery and hobbyists that do not want to make a large investment into a full size industrial.   The Hercules can handle up to Tex-90 thread (up to tex 135 with modifications) and has a stitch length of up to 6mm for beautiful top stitching thru up to 10mm of materials*. 


The motor is fully enclosed and uses toothed drive belts to ensure positive drive and also comes with a speed reducer built-in to allow the operator to handle thicker materials with increased torque and reduced speed. 


The Hercules comes with full accessories, a magnetic light and starter thread.  Options are plastic case, or aluminum case


The optional Hercules Handwheel is available that will increase the tourque and reduce speed as well as allow the operator to use the machine manually in situations where power is not available. 



* It is not suitable for use on thin fabrics such as garments, masks and other light weight sewing. 

Hercules Mini Walking Foot

SKU: TN-33
    • Maximum Speed: 800 SPM (less with Hercules handwheel)
    • Max Stitch Length: 6MM (4SPI) (forward and reverse)
    • Max Stitch Width: 5MM
    • Presser foot lift: 10MM max
    • Needle: DPx17 #100/16~160/23
    • Oscillating shuttle (15 class)