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The TN-146BL is a zigzag, walking foot sewing machine suitable for sewing zig zag stitching on medium to heavy weight materials including leather, vinyl, canvas, neoprene and synthetics.  The TN-146 has a maximum stitch length of 5mm and a maximum width of 10mm.  This machine is perfect for making wallets, purses, leather straps, orthopedic braces, wet suits, sails, awnings, covers, tarps and other similar products

TN-146BL walking foot zigzag

    • APPLICATION:  For Medium to Heavy Materials
    • MAX SEWING SPEED:  1,800 SPM
    • MAX STITCH LENGTH:  5 millimeters
    • MAX ZIG ZAG WIDTH:  10 millimeters
    • BOBBIN SIZE:  Large M class
    • FOOT LIFT:  13mm (1/2")
    • NEEDLE:  135x17
    • THREAD:  TEX 30 to TEX 135
    • Fully laminated plywood top with rubber trim
    • 750W (1HP) Brushless servo motor
    • Titan Sewing Deluxe 2.0 T stand with wheels and anchors
    • Drawer with accessories (oil, bobbins, tools, needles, instruction/parts manual)
    • LED light (TN-30)
    • Full tech support (Phone/email/video call)