Flat -bed, 1-needle, Compound Needle Feed, Walking foot, Lockstitch Long Arm Machine with Large Shuttle-hook for Extra Heavy Materials. Recommended for the sewing of extra heavy-weight materials such as tents, straps and slings, seat belts, saddle pads, and other products that require heavy thread.  The Titan TN-243 can handle a wide variety of thread from Tex70 to Tex415.   The TN-243 comes with a large area under the arm of 420mm(16.8") which allows the operator to handle large materials with ease. The 243s’ front mounted bobbin winder and extra large bobbin allows for easy access and fewer bobbin windings in order to increase production. ‚‚ The high 20mm (7/8") presser foot lift enables easy material handling for extra heavy materials. The reverse stitch and stitch length adjustment are easily accessible on the same lever.

TN-243 Ultra Heavy Sewing Machine

    • Fully laminated plywood top with rubber trim
    • 750W (1HP) Brushless servo motor
    • Speed Reducer (OPTIONAL)
    • Heavy Duty Stand
    • Drawer with accessories (oil, bobbins, tools, needles, instruction/parts manual)
    • LED light (TN-30)
    • Full tech support (Phone/email/video call)
    • APPLICATION: For Heavy to EXTRA HEAVY Materials
    • MAX STITCH LENGTH: 15mm (0.6") Forward/Reverse
    • NEEDLE BAR STROKE: 56mm (2.2")
    • FOOT LIFT: 20mm by Knee, 12mm by Hand
    • HOOK: Oscillating Large Shuttle Hook
    • NEEDLE: 7x3. 794
    • THREAD: TEX 70 to TEX 415