Flat -bed, 1-needle, Compound Needle Feed, LONG ARM Walking foot, Lockstitch Long Arm Machine with Large Shuttle-hook for Extra Heavy Materials. Recommended for the sewing of extra heavy-weight materials such as tents, straps and slings, seat belts, saddle pads, and other products that require heavy thread.  The Titan TN-243L-25 can handle a wide variety of thread from Tex70 to Tex415.   The TN-243L-25 comes with a large area under the arm of 635mm(25") which allows the operator to handle extra large materials with ease. The high 20mm (7/8") presser foot lift enables easy material handling for extra heavy materials. The reverse stitch and stitch length adjustment are easily accessible on the same lever.

TN-243L25 Long Arm Ultra Heavy Sewing Machine

    • Fully laminated plywood top with rubber trim
    • 750W (1HP) Brushless servo motor
    • Speed Reducer (OPTIONAL)
    • Titan Sewing Deluxe 2.0 T stand with wheels and anchors
    • Drawer with accessories (oil, bobbins, tools, needles, instruction/parts manual)
    • LED light (TN-30)
    • Full tech support (Phone/email/video call)
    • APPLICATION: For Heavy to EXTRA HEAVY Materials
    • MAX STITCH LENGTH: 15mm (0.6") Forward/Reverse
    • NEEDLE BAR STROKE: 56mm (2.2")
    • FOOT LIFT: 20mm by Knee, 12mm by Hand
    • HOOK: Oscillating Large Shuttle Hook
    • NEEDLE: 7x3. 794
    • THREAD: TEX 70 to TEX 415